About our activities

An international project “SKI EASY” with nine partners requires good preparation and strong coordination, which is ensured and managed by the lead partner, the Koper Science and Research Centre in Slovenia. The management structure of the project SKI EASY is designed to be simple, flexible, democratic and efficient in order to achieve the objectives: the processing of knowledge and information and the implementation of the goals. All necessary actions will be taken to facilitate collaboration, improve information exchange, promote synergies between project partners and enable joint efforts involving different skills and technologies.

For the duration of the project, 8 meetings are planned: the first “kick-off” meeting and 7 other meetings, including two telemeetings (online).

The aim of the project meetings is to ensure communication and organisation and implementation of activities between partners, including monitoring, quality control and evaluation of the project. In order to reduce the barriers to participation of COVID -19 pandemic restrictions or green winters (lack of snow)) in the risk management tasks, the organisation of hybrid meetings with on-site and online programme is foreseen.



Our second SKI EASY EVENT – snow days was held between  26 -29 January, 2023 at Kopaonik, Serbia. Event was  organized  by Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the University of Niš, Serbia.

More than 40  children from the city of Niš, participated in SKI EASY snow days, the children enjoyed their first snow adventure and it seems that nature also greeted us with new snow. Event was attended by 8  instructors from the local ski school and UNI Niš, where they acquired new skills from 15 SKIEASY experts from 8 partner organizations

  • SKI EASY teaching model adapted to language and culture diversity; free module for ski instructors to obtain a SKI EASY certificate.
  • SKI EASY educational materials (manuals and SKI EASY application for smart phone).