Location: Ski resort Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: January 23 -26, 2022

Host partner: ATUS (B&H)


Given the timeframe and constrains of the Covid -19 pandemic in partner countries, the third SKI EASY meeting took place at the end of January 22 in a hybrid format (on-site and online). Seven partners organizations’ representatives from ATUS (BiH), SRC KOPER (Slovenia), IVSS (Austria), UNIZG-KIF (Croatia), SITAS (Slovenia), SKI SCHOOL BULGARIA (UNINIS, Serbia) had the opportunity to be present on-site.

On Sunday afternoon January 23, 2022 

A short working meeting was held to discuss with the ASUS team and other project participants a detailed plan for the implementation of the Pilot project “SKI EASY SNOW DAY (as workshop) for 15 children aged 6 to 10 years. The main focus was on the distribution and use of the new SKI EASY equipment (skis, ski boots, poles, helmets, markers, etc.) for the participating children to make the pilot “SKI EASY snow day” as efficient as possible.

An upgrade of SKI EASY UNIFIED MODEL of ski teaching ,which was additionally discussed to develop the first two levels in the pyramid.



Monday, January 24, 2022 

In the morning the workshop Ski EASY was held with children (ski beginners). In the afternoon an additional workshop was held with member team participants with feedback on the pilot workshop, discussing and adding additional exercises. A hybrid meeting in the evening followed with the welcome of special guest: Eric Sheckelton (Vice President of INTERSKI, PSIA-AASI International Representative). A breif report about the morning SKI EASY snow workshop was also presented and the observed benefits of ski equipment and SKI EASY teaching model were also provided for discussion by on-line participants.



Tuesday, January 25, 2022

In the morning the 2nd part of the Pilot Ski EASY workshop with 15 children (ski beginners) was held. The first and second level of the SKI EASY teaching model were briefly reviewed using games and then two next levels were implemented. An additional short meeting with the members was necessary in the afternoon to analyze the two-days of pilot SKI EASY snow workshops where some conclusions were drawn for further steps in the development SKI EASY unified teaching model with the 5 steps.

Members departure Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.



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